Adventures of Hiking – Griffith Park via Ferndell Trail

One of the things I miss about my east coast home is Nature! So of course my idea of a perfect Labor Day adventure – HIKING. The thing about living in central Los Angeles, a lot of the trails are mostly very sunny, exposed, and basically dirt trails. So one of the pleasant escapes from LA would be the Ferndell Trail that leads up through Griffith Park!

So, the entrance to the trail seems like you’ve left LA completely, and have gone up more North in the mountains. You get to see a rare bit of green lush environment. It’s perfect for those warmer days since the area is pretty shaded!

This path is very clearly marked, so it’s great if you’re looking for something easy with little ones. There’s even a creek along the path. Of course with the drought in California, some days the creek does run a bit dry in areas. However, there are a few spots that almost consistently have water. If you look close you might even get a look at some of the wildlife:


The day we went we passed by this little spot, both on our way up and our way back down. Both times there was a mom with her little one who hadn’t moved at all, because she was so into the turtles and the fish! Keep in mind this is also a very popular spot for people to bring their dogs, so be sure to keep your dog on a leash, and bring plenty of poop bags, because ya never know! Throughout the path you’ll find a few other little gems. Bridges are located at a few different locations to lead you out to the road back to your car.

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ONE THING I WASN’T AWARE OF – apparently, a little past the end of the trail to the left (If you don’t continue on to the Griffith Hiking Trail) there’s a little Cafe! I didn’t even know this was there until I was getting ready to write this blog post. It’s called The Trails Cafe. It’s open daily from 8am-5pm and they serve everything from coffee and pie to sandwiches and sodas! It used to be a Cash Only establishment, but with popularity growing it does look like they now accept Credit Cards too! I’ll definitely be checking this out again soon.

After we got through the shady area we went up the main path that led to the Griffith Observatory. We were blessed with beautiful weather that day! I believe the high was only about 77 F. Like I said once you get to this point it’s very exposed to be sure to bring your SPF of choice and a hat!

view from trail of “The Hollywood Sign”
Closer look “The Hollywood Sign”

The trail itself is an easy-moderate level of difficulty. The only parts I can image are around the sharp turns as it gets really steep, and once you get to the final leg leading up to the main entrance area of the observatory. But if you feel like you wouldn’t be able to handle to really steep part at the end, there’s a fork in the path that leads you back down to the parking area.

View of The Griffith Observatory

Overall, this is one of my favorite spots! Mostly because it’s very accessible and close by to my home. It’s a definite go to, if you haven’t checked it off your list yet. Down below as usual, I’ve included some links that you might find helpful!


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