Adventures in Fall – Autumnal Equinox

AKA || The First Day of Fall

Yes indeed, children! It’s that magical time of year again when Pumpkin Spice Lattes can be found on every corner, Halloween decorations have been on sale since July, and there’s a delightful cool crispness to the air… well, provided you don’t live in Southern California the land of eternal summer.

FUN FACT: On the fall equinox, the amount of daylight and night are both approximately 12 hours! This happens only twice a year. During the fall and spring equinox. 

I know I’m not alone in saying fall is by far my favorite season! The mood and feeling around this time instantly picks me up. Even though we don’t get really cold weather in Los Angeles, you better know I wear my fall boots every single chance I get. There’s nothing quite like wearing a sweater dress, with a light shrug, knee high boots, with a coffee in hand.

So in honor of today I’ve put together some fun things you can do to celebrate the wonderful autumnal season!

  1. Get yourself a Pumpkin Spice anything

One of the benefits of the capitalistic world we live in, is stores tend to sell what the people want, which means when the leaves start falling Pumpkin Spice becomes the standard flavor for just about any food product you can imagine. You can even get creative and create some treats of your own. Later I will be making Persimmon Bread, and that will be detailed in a separate post!

2. Get some delicious smelling fall candles!

Image Source: Diamond Candles

I’ve personally fallen in love with Diamond Candles! They’re a company based out of Durham, NC (close to my old stomping grounds). The candles they have always smell glorious and if you sign up for their emails they will give you a discount of your first order. PLUS in every candle they have a cute ring. So think of it like cracker jacks for grown ups.

Click here to check them out!


3. Go to a pumpkin patch

Image Source:

Even if you don’t have kids, there’s nothing quite like searching for the perfect pumpkin…or five. Carving up a Jack-O-Lantern has always been something on my annual checklist when fall rolls around. It’s also a great date idea. Go pick out your pumpkins then spend the afternoon carving them up while sipping on some warm beverage to put you in the spirit.

4. Go to Disneyland or Disney World

From my 1st Trip to Disneyland in 2014

Now this one is a little pricey, especially if you aren’t an Annual Passholder, but fall is my FAVORITE time to go to Disney. The lines are shorter, they have some great seasonal food options, and the park is all decked out in Halloween Decorations! If you have kids, you might consider bringing them to the Mickey’s Halloween Party, which requires a separate ticket purchase, but the kids get to go trick or treating around the park and get to meet the Disney Villians around the park. Later on, I’ll be doing a full blog post on Disneyland both in general as well as for the fall season!

5. Start on your Halloween costume early

Yes, I know we’re all guilty about this. Waiting until last minute, but if you start the process early it can be much less stressful. I’ll also be doing a post about easy and last minute ideas come October, so don’t fret! If you’re looking for creative ideas consider mashing up two different things, like Zombies and Star Wars, or even a crossover of your favorite TV show. If you need inspiration, consider looking at the “most popular cosplays” from Comic Con or other Geeky Conventions! At the very least, you’ll be amazed at the talent some people have!

6. Plant in your garden

Fall is not only a time of harvesting, but it’s also a great time to plant some bulbs for spring! Check out your local Nursery or even Home Depot to get some wonderful ideas and tips on what flowers and other plants will make your garden pop with color in a few months.

7. Get your Oktoberfest on with Beer and Sausage

Image Source: This Is Insider

Good thing about this one, you don’t have to travel all the way to Munich to participate. A lot of areas feature their own version of the food and drink celebration! Look on the website for your town council or even a cursory Google search could turn up great results. If nothing if happening in your area, MAKE YOUR OWN! Invite neighbors and friends over and have a cookout with all the sausages you could eat, and beer you can drink – Don’t forget the Lederhosen.

Be sure the follow my blog for more posts like this! Here’s the link to my latest posts:

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and for fun I’ve included a few links for fall events happening around Los Angeles!

  1. Universal Halloween Horror Nights
  2. Mickey’s Halloween Party – DLR
  3. Rise of the Jack o’Lanterns
  4. Los Angeles Haunted Hayride
  5. Fall Festival at The Original Farmers Market

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